I only recommend resources that I have used myself. These helped me to achieve my goals so it may be helpful also for you!

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Task and project management app

I use Nozbe to organize my tasks of both — personal and professional nature. Not only me but my whole team. On this blog you can find an article about my favourite features of the app.


Time tracking tool

RescueTime helps me understand where my time is going. It logs activities on my electronic devices and create usage reports. There is also an option to block specific apps or websites to avoid procrastination.


Note taking app

Notion's most atomic element of a document is 'block'. Each 'block' can be converted to different types of content. This is very flexible way of thinking about data storage. You can turn single line in document to entire new page — this puts process of creating content to a different level!


Visual Studio Code

Code editor

My favourite code editor that I'm using since the very beginning of its existence. It's free, built on open source, runs everywhere. You can read more about it on this blog.